Senoia’s Walking Dead wall may live awhile

Construction of the “The Walking Dead” wall around portions of the Gin Property in Senoia is underway. The area inside the wall will function as a contained set for filming episodes of AMC television’s hit show beginning in September. Photo/John Thompson.

The Senoia City Council will conduct a public hearing on Aug. 18 to consider amending the agreement with Stalwart Films that would leave a 15-foot wall in place around portions of the Gin Property until 2019. The wall is being constructed to serve as Read More»

Seven PTC teens wreak havoc on Huddleston Drive

Seven male and female Peachtree City teens are facing misdemeanor charges after entering a business on Huddleston Drive and intentionally causing property damage. Read More»

Senoia’s Walking Dead wall may live awhile Blood drive is Aug. 4 We’re talking tomato here New pastor installed Carriage Lane’s annual yard sale benefits Ugandan orphans
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Fayette County Deputy School Superintendent Sam Sweat (R) and Assistant School Superintendent Terry Oatts (C) meet with Fayette citizens to discuss the vision and future of Fayette’s education system. Photo/Special.
Image from Shutterstock.
An early denier
Federal government to reporter: ‘You’re next.’
J. Brent Edward
Billy Jones appeared happy to be a donor at the last Senoia Area Blood Drive that was held May 5 at the Senoia Methodist Church. Photo/Special.