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Rising smoke at Wichita airport

CNBC - 22 min 1 sec ago
Emergency crews were headed to Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport after huge plumes of black smoke were seen rising into the sky.
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Plane hits building at Wichita airport

CNN - 32 min 57 sec ago
At least two people are dead and four injured after a plane crashed into the Flight Safety building at Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita, Kansas, Wichita Fire Chief Ron Blackwell says. Several people remain unaccounted for.
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First Draft: 19 States in 5 Days, to Stump for Other Governors

The New York Times - 33 min 46 sec ago
As part of his duties as chairmen of the Republican Governors Association, Gov. Chris Christie is criss-crossing the country, stumping with gubernatorial candidates in 19 states over a five day span.

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Mustache wearers to get their own hall of fame; inaugural class to be announced in February

FOX News - 42 min 46 sec ago
There are halls of fame for everything from baseball to rock 'n' roll, so why shouldn't those with a hairy upper lip get their just rewards? The tongue-in-cheek American Mustache Institute says it will unveil its inaugural class for the International Mustache Hall of Fame on Feb. 11 — the birthday of Burt Reynolds.
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A Shift in Washington City Politics as Demographics Change

The New York Times - 46 min 54 sec ago
Washington, D.C., traditionally leans to the left, but changing demographics and a weariness over Democrats’ corruption scandals may help independents and Republicans break through.
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Samsung's plan to turn profits around

CNBC - 54 min 1 sec ago
Samsung plans overhaul with the fast growing low-end market as competition from Apple, Motorola, HTC and Xiaomi, ate into market share.
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How will a gay CEO play in Iran, etc?

CNBC - 58 min 1 sec ago
Homosexuality in some parts of the world is considered immoral, even criminal. Yet that is where a majority of Apple's business is.
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Top Chinese blogger hates America

CNBC - 59 min 1 sec ago
Chinese President Xi Jinping applauded a Chinese blogger who has written erroneous comments about America, reports the Global Post.
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Prosecutor says hack was responsible for tweet on grand jury information about Ferguson case

FOX News - 59 min 43 sec ago
St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch says a tweet suggesting insider information on the grand jury investigating the Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown was the result of someone hacking a woman's Twitter account.
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Small plane crashes into airport in Kansas, at least 2 dead

FOX News - 1 hour 48 sec ago
A small plane has crashed at Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport, sending up huge plumes of black smoke that can be seen for miles around the city.
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Wal-Mart may match prices online

CNBC - 1 hour 4 min ago
Wal-Mart is testing price matching with online rivals like Amazon for the holidays.
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New app names that tweet

CNBC - 1 hour 4 min ago
Can't tell the difference between a parakeet and a pigeon? A mobile app is in the works that can identify birds from their songs.
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Halloween canceled as manhunt for Pennsylvania ambush suspect continues

FOX News - 1 hour 4 min ago
There won't be any trick-or-treating in the northeastern Pennsylvania area where authorities continue searching for suspect accused of killing a state trooper.
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As gas prices fall, Main St. hopes rise

CNBC - 1 hour 11 min ago
As fuel prices fall, businesses are wondering if energy cost savings will translate into more consumer spending.
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Missing Broncos fan went for a walk

CNN - 1 hour 15 min ago
A Denver Broncos fan who disappeared during a game five days ago simply had "had his fill of football" and decided to take a walk to "somewhere warmer," police said Wednesday.
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In U.S. Cleanup Efforts, Accident at Nuclear Site Points to Cost of Lapses

The New York Times - 1 hour 17 min ago
As the United States aims to correct years of mishandling radioactive materials, the price of reopening a New Mexico waste repository could top $551 million.

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First Draft: How Do You Say ‘Please, Let Me Respond’ in Spanish?

The New York Times - 1 hour 21 min ago
The candidates in Colorado’s 6th District will face off in what appears to be the nation’s first-ever congressional debate entirely in Spanish between two non-Latino candidates.

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Judge orders release of prisoner whose confession helped free death row inmate in 1999

FOX News - 1 hour 28 min ago
A Cook County judge ordered the immediate release Thursday of a prisoner whose confession had helped free a death row inmate in a 1982 double killing.
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CEOs who are openly gay

CNBC - 1 hour 34 min ago
Apple CEO Tim Cook may be "proud to be gay," but he is not alone. More company chiefs are making their sexual orientation known. Here is a list.
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A Headless Ranger? Mystery at Colonial burial site

FOX News - 1 hour 41 min ago
Sleepy Hollow has the legend of the Headless Horseman. Does a community 150 miles farther up the Hudson River have a Headless Ranger buried in an unmarked Colonial-era cemetery?
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