Fayette’s nonprofits selling tickets to Pinewood gala

Over the berm and through the field to ... Pinewood we go — Green grass covers new berms shielding parts of Pinewood Atlanta Studios from Sandy Creek Road passersby. One of the soundstages will host the gala grand opening of the facility this weekend. Photo/ Ben Nelms.

Ticket prices range from zero to at least $250 for a reception and tour of the site of Pinewood Atlanta Studios this coming Saturday, a way for the company building the venue to lend a helping hand to local nonprofit organizations.

Pinewood will be the site of a Jan. 18 gala event and tour, with all the proceeds from ticket sales by local nonprofits going to those organizations.

At least one organization, Christian City, is giving its share of the tickets away to its patrons for appreciation for earlier donations. Other nonprofits are selling their tickets to raise money.

The Jan. 18 event in Soundstage 4 is expected to include a red carpet arrival, hors d’oeuvres, music and entertainment and a tour of one of the soundstages where upcoming television and movie productions will be filmed.

The event is a way for the larger Fayette County community after purchasing tickets from local nonprofits to get an up-close look at the new movie studio expected to begin its first production run in the coming weeks.

Fayette County Chamber of Commerce President Virginia Gibbs praised Pinewood for providing a venue at the new studios to help the efforts of local nonprofits. Provided as a fundraising effort, Gibbs said she believed the various organizations were given approximately 30 tickets to utilize as they best saw fit. It has been noted from emails of the nonprofits that ticket prices can vary.

“It was a gift to the nonprofits to determine how to best further their mission by receiving the tickets,” Gibbs said, noting that the price of the tickets was up to the discretion of the individual organizations.

Gibbs said the chamber was asked to provide a list of 10-15 Fayette County nonprofits to potentially be included this gala event. The list represented a diverse, cross-section of charities that provide services in the immediate area.

The chamber also provided a link to the “Chamber for Good” website which includes more than 50 501(c)(3) nonprofits located in and around Fayette County. It is from this information that we understand that the gala planners sent invitations, Gibbs said.

For more information on the chamber’s nonprofit-oriented website visit http://www.chamberforgood.com/fayettechamber.

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Pinewood Tickets

I cannot find a list of non-profits that are offering these tickets.

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Don't fret. The great unwashed need not apply.

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