PTC loses ‘Drop Dead Diva,’ canceled by Lifetime

“Drop Dead Diva,” the television show about a dead model trapped in the body of a plus-size lawyer, was canceled by the Lifetime Network this week. The show is filmed in Peachtree City and Senoia. Sony Pictures TV, which produces the show, may shop it to other networks.

“Drop Dead Diva” had its season four finale air on Sept. 9.

The production has been a boon to the local economy. In 2010, Peachtree City designated one of the streets off of Dividend Drive, where the studios are located, as “Diva Drive.”

Much of the cast and crew called Peachtree City home during the production and local businesses and services all benefited from the presence as well. It was also fun for local residents to do some celebrity spotting around town. In addition to cast members such as Brooke Elliott and Margaret Cho, guest stars that came through town included Paula Abdul and Liza Minelli among others.

Fans of the show hope that it will get a new life on another network and both Peachtree City and Senoia are hoping so as well.

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Drop Dead Diva is coming back

to PTC. Seems Sony did negotiate a deal with Lifetime for 13 more episodes. That's good news.

Welcome back, DDD.

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Diva ain't dead yet ...

Creator Josh Berman says he is committed to doing a 5th season because the last one ended with a major cliffhanger. As expected, fan reaction has been huge. Berman says Sony Pictures remains "passionate" about Diva and other networks are interested in picking it up. The link below says a decision may come in a couple of weeks -- necessary for production to resume this spring.

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Actually losing DDD will have a negative effect on the community through lost sales at local retailers and people that won’t be renting apartments and leasing area homes. Personally, my own local business could directly attribute at least a couple thousand dollars annually to purchases by DDD crew members, that’s money that was taxed, and going toward local and state coffers, that won’t be there this year. Based on my experience, I’m sure this production infused several million dollars annually into our local economy.
Hopefully they get picked up by another network, or maybe another production makes Peachtree City their home.

Don Haddix
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Haddix: Agree

It is an economic loss. They did bring in more revenue to the City than many realize.

The set in place at the airport is substantial and impressive. All who have been there know that. It would be a shame to just have it all ripped out.

Let us hope it will get picked up and/or another series will take over the hanger space.

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?The Dead Diva was Dropped?

Not to worry. I believe that "Bait Car Atlanta" is still being aired for those of you who need the satisfaction of local venues.

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Are you clueless to the benefits

That a show likes this brings to the local economy?

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WLVROCKS: Dropped Dead Diva

Word on the street is that it was done in by casting that Kardashian chic.

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