Fayette ‘works around clock’ on roads, helping stranded motorists

Fayette County offices closed while emergency crews help motorists and clear roads

Based upon existing road conditions, road closures, expected low temperatures, conditions of state highways and continued accident reports from E-911, all county non-essential offices are asked to stay at home Wednesday.
Fayette County Emergency Management staff will continue to monitor weather conditions and update the County weather number, 770-305-5444.

A significant number of vehicles have wrecked or become stranded on local roads. All citizens are asked not to drive unless absolutely necessary.

Fayette County Emergency Management, Fire Services, E-911 Services, Public Works, Water System, Roads Department and the Sheriff’s Office are working around the clock to keep the infrastructure in passable condition and assist stranded motorists.

“Staff from the county and all the municipalities are out in force tonight and will do everything possible to keep the main thoroughfares open on Wednesday,” said Fayette Chairman Steve Brown. “We are deeply appreciative of their efforts.”

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Thank you PTC!

After a harrowing ride on I85 South on Tuesday and then another one down 74, there was a distinct difference when I crossed into the peachtree city limits. Clearly, sand and/or salt had been spread and my car had a bit more traction. In addition, I saw three ptc police cars, and they were the first public officials I saw on the whole commute. Good job PTC! That said, I am convinced that the state of Ga ignores the southside of Atlanta. The storm was predicted to hit the south metro area, yet they did nothing in advance for us - really inexcusable.

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good work

Thanks to all the Sheriff officers, police and firefighters which I saw helping several people in our County. Also good to see neighbors helping each other out!

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This storm was predicted. We had a similar problem in 2011. I suppose you can blame a liberal but it appears the Georgia Republican "leadership" are those who bear responsibility for doing nothing ahead of the storm. Somewhat like Katrina.

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WLVRocks, stupidity crosses all political strata. Everyone knew

what to expect. We sure have had sufficient coverage by all news media. People need to show some responsibility for their actions. Yes, the government did not do it's job in as timely a manner as it should have. As usual, Georgia drivers showed this disregard by filling the emergency lanes so emergency vehicles could not get through. It was ridiculous to keep the children in schools as long as they did. In fact, the schools probably should not have opened at all on Tuesday. We are not used to these conditions and the stalled cars on all the roads show that in spades.having these storms occur every couple of years does not change that-- we seem to have short memories. Think we will learn anything from this episode? Doubt it--sure did not learn from previous ones. Stay warm.

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No small task

No small task putting yourself out there last night and today to protect citizens from themselves.

Thanks to all our government safety employees for doing this service for our citizens. I hope these citizens are out there for very important reasons, otherwise.........you may want to just let them freeze.