Outrageous regulations — 1 expensive cat house

The Citizen this week begins an occasional demonstration that, despite being “closer” to the average citizen, local government can be as nonsensical and overbearing as the federal government.

Email your personal run-in with local or state government to editor@TheCitizen.com. We’ll print it and post on our website for the world to witness that “local” doesn’t necessarily mean “smaller” or “smarter.” In fact, local regulation can mean “dumb and dumber.”

Herewith, an example:

PTC cat house gets expensive

Yes, folks, I actually saw a cat house in PTC at a local craft fair.

It was a magnificent structure, and I wanted one. It had a room divider, front and rear entrances, with a porch to sit out on during those nice days.

I intended to put this fine abode between my neighbor’s house and mine. My kindly (and accommodating) neighbors have agreed to the placement.

Unfortunately I may not be able to build it since the costs of construction have more than doubled due to the permits I am required to get from PTC.

Not a permit for use, or due to a possible property easement, but a permit for the size of the structure.

You see, this cat house is 37 inches in height. However, according to the building code, I must have a permit for any structure over 30 inches high.

Since this house is not prefabricated and requires specific building plans, I will need to pay $150 for the permit and another $150 for an inspection.

The materials for the structure itself only cost $145.

Now that I live on a fixed budget and total costs have skyrocketed over 100 percent thanks to the PTC “Revenue Rogues,” my cats will be denied a house of their own to lounge their elderly years away.

At one time, any structure of 120 square feet or less did not require a permit. Now that PTC has outsourced their inspections, any structure over the 30 inches high must have a permit issued at the cost of $150.

According to the Building Code Division, if building plans are needed, the outsource company will also charge an additional $150 to inspect it upon completion.

The bottom line is, since this change, if you intend to build a shed, even less than 120 square feet, with materials costs of about $300, prepare to pay an additional $300 to PTC for their blessing.

Joel Kinsman

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Wages are so low, only a ‘fat

Wages are so low, only a ‘fat cat’ can afford a ‘cat house’ these days. Just another sign of the times.

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Peachtree City - Leash Law and Building Permits


Yes, it applies to cats. By putting this house "between" your house and your neighbors, I also believe that means the cats are "off property", which if you are not voice controlling them, is also a violation.

Not sure how much the fee is for that, but go ahead and tack that one on, too.

Seriously, cut 8 inches off the top of that baby and be done with it, or KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE!

Oh, and you live on a fixed budget but you can afford whatever it cost for the cat house? Someone's making bad choices, dontcha think?

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