F’ville progresses on westside sewer construction

Work is continuing on Fayetteville’s $1.6 million sewer project which will provide sewer services to Pinewood Atlanta Studios situated on property along Veterans Parkway. The property was annexed in September. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Work on the installation of Fayetteville’s sewer lines from the area of Ga. Highway 54 just east of Piedmont Fayette Hospital to the new Pinewood Atlanta Studios property is ongoing and, despite bouts of inclement weather, is expected to be completed in 30-45 days.

The $1.6 million sewer project will tie the city’s sewer system to the 288-acre Pinewood Atlanta Studios property now under development along Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road. That property, along with a total of approximately 1,200 acres, was annexed into the city last September.

Public Services Director Chris Hindman said the portion of the project that had the sewer system on the south side of Hwy. 54 connected under the highway is complete.

Moving northward, sewer lines between Hwy. 54 and the west side of Sandy Creek Road will be a combination of forced main and gravity main, said Hindman.

Crews will bore under Sandy Creek Road to extend the forced main line to a new lift station approximately 1,000 east of the roadway and located on the Williams property that was part of the annexation.

Sewer line installation from the lift station northward will follow the stream under Veterans Parkway and onto the Pinewood Atlanta Studios property and tie into lines serving the studio immediately to the north, Hindman said.

The project is expected to be completed in 30-45 days, Hindman said, noting the difficulty in laying sewer line in an area that is essentially a wetland and easily forms a bog during wet weather.

The city is checking the existing sewer at Pinewood on a weekly basis and has a septic vendor on standby to pump the lines if needed until the sewer lines are up and running, said Hindman.

The project does not extend sewer to the former Rivers Elementary School, the site of Pinewood’s educational component.

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