Sup’t. to make decision on snow days

A decision will be made in the coming weeks by the Fayette County School System to address the school days to be made up as a result of the winter storm that hit during the last week of January.

With several weeks of winter remaining and the potential existing for additional winter storms like the one forecast this week, Superintendent Jody Barrow on Feb. 4 said he would make the decision on make-up days once he has more solid information to act on.

“With the severe weather events and subsequent missed days of school I know there are questions regarding possible options and the potential for make-up days for students and staff. I do have some information that I can speak to in the short term,” Barrow said.

Barrow said the school system is close to winter break period that covers Feb. 14, 17 and 18.

“I suspect most of our families (and staff) have already made plans for that time, so I can share that we do not plan to disrupt that time in February. I am very hopeful that we can also commit to the same scenario for spring break (in April) as well,”said Barrow.

Barrow said he believes a resolution is being developed by state school Superintendent John Barge to submit to the State Board of Education with the request to allow “flexibility” for the severe weather days which school systems have encountered. The state board meets later this month and we are hopeful the resolution will be approved, Barrow said.

“As soon as we have that information, we will make recommendations to the Fayette County Board of Education about our next steps as a district. I don’t want to speculate on the ‘what-ifs’ at this point,” said Barrow. “We still have several weeks of potential winter weather in front of us and that may have to be factored into the decision making process.”

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