Pink shoelace bandit snagged

Robbery suspect Michael MacConaugha Jr., 20, of East Point arrives at the Fayetteville Police Department Feb. 20 in detectives’ custody. He is charged with the robbery of the CVS Pharmacy in Fayetteville in December. Photo/John Munford.

Fayetteville Police have arrested an East Point man in connection with the robbery of the CVS Pharmacy in Fayetteville on Christmas Eve.

The investigation is ongoing because police think Michael MacConaugha Jr., 20, is not the only one involved, detectives said.

During the incident MacConaugha walked into the store wearing a hooded sweatshirt talking on a cellphone, according to surveillance video. Police said MacConaugha told the clerk he had a gun and demanded money from the cash register, keeping his right hand in his pocket to indicate that he had a weapon.

The cashier gave MacConaugha money from the register, after which MacConaugha fled on foot.

One part of the clothing description stood out: the suspect wore very distinctive blue tennis shoes with bright pink shoelaces.

MacConaugha has been charged with robbery and obstruction of a police officer. Police are also investigating whether he was involved in other robberies.

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Two useless thugs

seems the cashier on duty at the time of the crime was in on this with Mr. Pinkie. College senior thug.

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Another Useless Thug.....

Git a rope......

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