One of county’s oldest traditions starts Friday

One of county’s oldest traditions starts Friday

The 2012 Miss Pride winners. Photo/Special.

The Fayette County Band Boosters are proud to announce that the 46th Annual Miss Pride of Fayette County Pageant will be held on March 7 and March 8. All Fayette County girls from 3 years of age through 12th grade are eligible to participate.

This year the winner of the high school division will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship and the first runner up will win a $500 scholarship. The scholarship is being donated this year by Dr. Scott T. McPherson, DDS, Peachtree City Orthodontics and Big Frog.

The winners will participate in several parades and make some public apperances during her reign.

The pageant has been a fundraiser for the Fayette County Band since 1969.

For questions, call 770-842-3710.

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Pride of Fayette County ...

Kids, it's called the "Miss Pride Pageant" because it's a fundraiser for the Pride of Fayette County Marching Tiger Band.

Gah ...

The FCHS band program is the biggest and best in the county, and one of the best in the state BTW ... always has been, and always will be as long as they have hard working parents willing to keep "traditions" like this alive!

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ANACHRONISM: Time to Re-Think This

Isn't it time to dispense with "beauty" pageants? And where is the reciprocal "boys" pageant... and the "transgender" pageant... and of course the "black" pagent ( or is it African-American pageant)?

The time has come to re-examine what we are doing here. And let's not forget that most contestants probably have a parent reliving through their child "their" aspirations.

Ok... I am through... .there may be better ways to award scholarships than this.

Robert W. Morgan
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Old fashioned way to award scholarships

I know this is way over the top, but it is something we did when I went to school many moons ago. Back then scholarships were awarded on the basis of good grades and good test scores. In other words the best scholars got the scholarships -gee, those two words seem an awful lot alike - wonder why.

I think the theory was that students that actually studied and performed were most likely to make the best use of the OPM that was used to fund the scholarships. It was a good idea then and no one complained about it. Might be worth a try once again. I'm sure we can figure out a way to make it fair for all involved.

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Academic Scholarships - RWM

You're correct on academic scholarships, there are tons of them. This is not an academic scholarship. Let's say it's a way to raise funds, make little girls happy about who they are and yes make parents happy too.

No, I don't have a little girl, no I would not enter my non-existent daughter in such an event, but neither would I deny others the opportunity to just have some fun with this experience.

It's not about being "fair", it's about simply letting people do what they want to do without a lot of intolerant political garbage. The country seems to have caught an incurable disease of pernicious meddlesomeitis brought about by a micromanaging government.

Robert W. Morgan
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"pernicious meddlesomeitis " Boy, is that ever right.

I'm not sure how we got there, but we are most certainly there. Got to agree, not my choice but why should I be allowed to rain on somebody else's parade. If I do that, they may start in on me by taking away my guns or cigarettes or 16oz. drinks. Or my insurance. Or my right to vote for all 5 of my county commissioners. Or my gas golf cart. I see what you mean. So, I will let them alone.

Actually one of my daughters did participate in that years ago and while I had a slight tingle of unease, it was offset by the joy it brought to her and her Mom.

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ptctrader2010 - Intolerance

Perhaps better ways, but how does this offend anyone?

We have gay pride days all over the world.
We have black pride days
We even have Blackfoot pride days
And Disneyland Pride Days
Why it wouldn't surprise me if in our world we have black transgender pageants for boys (former boys) only.
Why in the world can't we have Fayette County Pride?

These little girls happen to like to be little girls and they are given a small scholarship for their initiative. What parent wouldn't be proud to see their child recognized for being pretty and talented?

Private organizations have donated the funds and it doesn't cost you a thing. It raises money for another good cause to help others achieve their dreams in music.

Get over it already! This politically correct garbage is just, INTOLERANCE.

If you want to put on a pageant just do it and stop whining about what someone else is doing.

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LOL -Love the term "pernicious meddlesomeitis: Fayette County Pride Day - sure would be a unifying event - if it doesn't already exist!!

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