Emory University comes to F’ville’s Pinewood Studios

Screen shot of Emory at Pinewood Studios’ new website.

The first college-level film-making courses are coming this summer to Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, the vanguard of a consortium of post-secondary education providers with courses geared to training graduates for the film and digital industries.

Emory University plans to teach a portion of its summer program in the Pinewood Production Centre. The university on its website said Emory at Pinewood Atlanta Studios will provide a “fully-integrated practical and academic film experience.”

Emory is the first of a number of public and private universities, technical schools and junior colleges expected to have a presence at the new studio.

Emory’s Dept. of Film and Media Studies will offer two film-related courses, with the first course, “Special Topics in Film: ‘The Making of ....’ Reading and Writing Production History,” beginning May 19. The second course, “Major Figures: David Fincher and Quentin Tarantino,” will begin June 30. Applications can be viewed at the university’s website, www.pinewood.emory.edu.

According to Emory, students admitted to the summer program will spend the first three weeks at Emory’s Atlanta campus, followed by three weeks at Pinewood Atlanta Studios.

“... Students will have a variety of opportunities to gain first-hand experience in the craft and business of filmmaking. By the end of this six-week program, students will have earned not only four academic credit hours, but also invaluable exposure to world-class filmmaking,” according to Emory.

Applications can be submitted by Emory undergraduates and those attending other colleges or universities.

Commenting on Emory’s upcoming presence in Fayette County, Promaker Development Group partner Len Gough said a number of students attending the summer program at Pinewood will be eating and lodging in Fayette County.

Emory is the first of the academic and technical institutions to come to Pinewood, but it will not be the last. At some point, said Gough, there will be a consortium of schools offering different areas of expertise.

Gough said negotiations are underway with 17 different parties that include a variety of technical schools, public and private colleges and universities and junior colleges expected to contribute to the portion of the vision for Pinewood Atlanta that calls for an educational component which will help provide employment in Fayetteville’s burgeoning film industry.

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Three weeks

Man, those tax dollars will be rolling in. Jobs, jobs, jobs, too.

Seems I read Hanna Brothers will be feeding the masses there. They have already taken over the kitchen at the (never was) school. So much for eating out.

Fully integrated practical film experience = cheap (or free) film labor in my book.

And where is the BOE in this whole decision making process? Or is it a developer's role to decide what technical training comes to Fayetteville? Just don't forget to hand over the key to the city, too, Fayetteville.

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