Did Tyrone Council compromise safety?

A gun shop and shooting range next to a family pizzeria? I can’t imagine what the Tyrone Town Council was thinking when they approved this earlier this month.

According to a 2010 Washington Post investigation, “There is a relentless criminal demand for guns. New guns are at a premium.” And according to a 2012 report by WLS-TV/DT, “Gun shops are natural targets for thieves.” Want to see the actual robberies of gun stores? Just go to YouTube, there are plenty of videos.

Gun stores are so vulnerable to thefts that the International Association of Chiefs of Police recommends that gun stores “Install barricades that prohibit vehicle access through store entrances and window displays.”

Additionally, the Association recommends that gun shops should “Ensure a direct connection to local law enforcement.”

Oh, good, our 16 member police force needs to be stretched a little more thinly.

I’m not against guns per se, I’m just mighty uncomfortable eating pizza and shopping for groceries next to a huge cache of firearms. Locating a gun shop and range in a shopping center with family businesses is simply not safe. The Tyrone Town Council needs to reverse its decision immediately.

Irene Cheyne

Tyrone, Ga.

Joe Kawfi
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Gun Store makes economic sense for Tyrone

Obama’s Gun Boom
- Gun sales, permit applications spike, federal data show, as shooting ranges draw huge crowds

“I think the fear about a second Obama administration is driving sales to record levels along with the fact that local, state, and federal governments faced with budget shortfalls are being forced to lay off law enforcement and furlough prisoners,” said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the National Rifle Association. “Furthermore, John and Jane Q. Public have never believed the Obama organization claim that they support the Second Amendment.”

A well armed law abiding society is a safe society.

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Gun shop stats...

Anyone got any stats on how the crime rate is around the gun shops in Riverdale and Jonesboro?

Robert W. Morgan
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Good night, Irene. Go home without your pizza.

The rest of us will be fine eating that pizza next to the gun shop. Think about it. An armed robber attempts a holdup of the pizza shop. Because of the gun range next door, me and my 3 buddies - all armed and licensed and trained and just off a practice round are sitting at a table in the pizza place; 4 off-duty cops are just leaving the range after their practice/training and 4 more armed citizens are on their way into their session at the range. Can you see how guns may make you safer, Irene?

If not, just go have your pizza next to a florist shop - maybe some of those customers can help.

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Sounds like shoot-out at the OK Corral.

Sounds like a perfect time for all that testesterone to surface. How will you all know who are the bad guys and who are the good guys? Happy Trails to you.

Robert W. Morgan
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No shooting would be needed, MYTMITE

There would just be one very surprised robber when he turns around and tries to flee and sees multiple guns trained on his hoodie. That's how you know the bad guys - the hoodie is one clue, robbing a pizza place is the clincher.

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Would you feel safer eating next to a bank?

Banks are targets for armed gunmen. Grocery stores are hit. Gas stations. Jewelry stores. So looks like no place is safe to have a pizza restaurant now is there? Convenience store across the street from our Atlanta apartment back in the 80's was hit 4 times in one year. One gunman ran through our complex kidnapping the assistant manager at gun point, stuffing her in her trunk, and left her at Lenox Square.
Do go out anymore, have it delivered home... OH wait, this county has experienced home invasions too... Don't answer the door. Have the pizza slid through the mail slot.
Happy Dreams

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