F’ville to relax sign rules, decide board appointments

The Fayetteville City Council is set to cover a host of issues at the April 5 meeting. Among those are a rezoning request for a small manufacturing plant, a new version of the sign ordinance and appointments to the city’s various boards.

The council will also hear the first reading of the revised sign ordinance. The revision came after a previous request from the mayor and council. The lengthy ordinance contains provisions for both ground and wall signage and specifies issues such as the amount of square footage and the number of signs allowed.

The proposed ordinance pertaining to single buildings calls for one ground sign with a maximum of 35 square feet for each public street frontage. All ground signs must be located within a landscaped area and cannot have a height more than 6 feet above normal grade.

For wall signs on single buildings, the ordinance permits a maximum of two signs, one per wall. The calculation would be based on 1.5 square feet per linear foot of building frontage with a maximum of 150 square feet per building.

Planned centers would be permitted one 45 square-foot ground signs for each street frontage with a maximum height of 6 feet above grade. Wall signs would follow the same stipulations as those pertaining to single buildings

Still further criteria would apply to signs in the Main Street Historic District and to special temporary signs.

Another agenda item pertains to the annual appointment of members of city boards whose terms expired in January. Those boards include the Fayetteville Ethics Board, Downtown Development Authority, Main Street Tourism Association and Planning and Zoning Commission.

Appointments to city boards are customarily made each January. That was not the case this year given that the council had new members that included Mayor Greg Clifton, Councilman Ed Johnson and Councilman Mickey Edwards. The decision was made in January to put off the board selections until March to give the new council members time to be brought up to speed on the boards and to “gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities and current members” serving on several of the boards.

But the appointments to be made March 1 were delayed again. Those appointments will presumably be made at the Thursday meeting.

Among those those being considered for serving another term of Ethics Board member Mike Wheat, DDA member for former Councilman Al Hovey-King and Main Street members Mike Hofrichter, Cam Williams and Vicki Turner. Council members will also consider a recommendation by the Main Street board to appoint Emily Poole to fill the unexpired term of the late Lane Brown.

Also up for consideration are the re-appointments of Derryll Anderson, Chet Enigenburg and Allan Feldman to the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

A Feb. 22 letter from Wismer noted that Enigenburg is currently building a home outside the city limits and is expected to be ineligible to serve once he moves in May. The council can appoint someone to fill the position in April or wait until the May 17 meeting, Wismer said.

The rezoning request from Oxen, Inc. proposes to rezone its 10,000 square-foot building in the North 85 Business Park from C-3 to an M-1 light manufacturing use.

Oxen representatives at the March meeting said the facility will be used to manufacture a residential electrolyzed water purification device designed to aid the body’s digestive system by reducing bacteria.

“The manufacturing process at this location will consist of some light-duty assembly lines where workers will assemble pre-molded plastic parts into complete units. No heavy machinery or excessive noise-generating equipment will be used in this manufacturing process and no objectionable vibration, smoke, dust, gas or fumes will result,” city Planning & Economic Development Director Brian Wismer told council members in March.

Oxen plans to initially hire six employees and to add 15 others within two years.

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