Lee Hearn must have ‘evolved’ on bypass

Re: The Citizen article entitled “W. Bypass to be half-pass,” May 16, 2012.

Did Lee Hearn have an epiphany or just an “evolving” change of mind (i.e., Barak Obama) about his long-standing total support for the West Bypass over the East Bypass or does he finally get it that the voters are about to kick him and his two amigos, Herb Frady and Robert Horgan, out of office later this year?

View the following short YouTube video of the March 10, 2012 budget meeting to see how Mr. Hearn has “evolved.” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP32_Syevjg&list=UUuOHDKdPNa9F3Fo4PeFLjUw...)

I have attended numerous commissioner meetings over the past three years and witnessed first-hand the three amigos’ total enmity and outright contempt for anyone who dared to question their decision to plow ahead with their developer friendly bypass to nowhere.

Commissioners Steve Brown and Alan McCarty have relentlessly challenged the endless stream of disingenuous information that Hearn, Frady and Horgan have fed us regarding the two alternative bypasses and other issues.

David Barlow (Post 2) and Randy Ognio (Post 3) have announced their candidacy for election to the 2012 Fayette County Board of Commissioners. I have gotten to know both of these gentlemen very well and highly recommend them for your consideration. Their websites are: www.electbarlow.com and www.ognioforcommissioner.com.

Jim Richter

Peachtree City, Ga.

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Obama and Hearn. What's the difference?

Oh how our position change as the election nears.

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David Barlow should be greatly commended for using his time and talent to make it possible for Fayette citizens to see Commissioner Lee Hearn at work.

Jim Richter should be commended for searching out Mr. Barlow's video and posting it here.

Lee Hearn has been occupying a commission seat for 3 1/2 years. The entire time he has been a commissioner and before, Lee Hearn has referred to the W. Bypass as his "baby." As far back as 2003, when Hearn was Fayette County's Public Works Director, he has supported the W. Bypass.

So, why is he now abandoning his "baby" and telling us that the East Bypass will relieve more traffic than the W. Bypass?

Could it possibly be that since he has been able to give the Fayette County Development Authority, his relative Addison Lester, former Mayor Ken Steele, the old family developers and land speculators what they have wanted for so long he is ready to move on?

Could it possibly be that the WFB Coalition was right from the start and Frady, Horgan, and Hearn have been lying from the beginning?

Jim Richter said that he has "witnessed first-hand the three amigos' total enmity and outright contempt for anyone who dared to question their decision to plow ahead with their developer friendly bypass to nowhere."

How very true. But their "contempt" has gone much further than W. Bypass home and property owners. Frady, Horgan, and Hearn's contempt was spread throughout the county. They used every Fayette taxpayer's money to build a project for developers and land speculators.

Their "disingenuous" information about the Regional T-SPLOST (TIA), mass transit, high density housing, and HB-240 has been repeatedly heaped upon every Fayette citizen.

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I Second the Motion

I, too, have known candidates Ognio and Barlow for over two years, and have observed them to be plain decent concerned citizens whose only interests are what is in the best interest of Fayette County. They are both hard working successful businessmen who have had many years of experience in dealing with the public.

I'll have to give Commissioner Hearn credit, though, for standing up for the WFB no matter how stormy the issues got. The problem was, though, that nobody else other than two defeated commissioners and two other holdovers from that past Administration were the only people I ever saw publicly support the project. We thought things would change when the majority vote went to Commissioners McCarty and Brown who campaigned to fight the WFB. But all three holdovers made sure their efforts were always thwarted by their unwavering unified majority vote.

When you condemn peoples' land for a project that is not in the best interest of the general public, it can come back and bite you.

With Chairman Frady retiring, it looks as though there might now be the possibility that those who elected Brown and McCarty may now be heard. I say let's go for transparency and clear the shelves in 2012.