‘Walking Dead’ set to film in Senoia, Coweta

Don’t be alarmed if you see people walking around areas if Coweta County in the next few months that look a little less than alive. That is because portions of the second season of “The Walking Dead” television show will filmed in Sharpsburg, Senoia, Newnan and other locations around the county.

The Coweta County Commission at its June 7 meeting approved a request from Stalwart Films, LLC for the filming of the popular television show from June 6 through Nov. 11.

Locations for shooting that were cited in the Stalwart Films request included Senoia’s Raleigh Studios Atlanta as the primary location along with areas in Senoia, Newnan and Sharpsburg and several locations in unincorporated Coweta County.

Portions of the show are also being filmed in Fayette County.

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Real opportunity for our politicians

I can think of 3 county commissioners, a mayor and a councilman who really need to be in this show.

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OMG mudcat!!!

That is funny!

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