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Sunday storm brings torrential rain

There was only minimal damage to property that resulted from a storm that dumped several inches of rain in portions of Fayette County on Sunday.

Fayette County Fire and Emergency Services spokesman Donnie Davis said five homes in central Fayette County were struck by lighting during the storm that made its way through the area late Sunday afternoon. There were no fires associated with the lightning strikes, Davis added.

Some areas of Fayetteville were without power for approximately 20 minutes during the storm period, Davis said, adding that a lightning strike occurred near the 911 center on McDonough Road, though the center did not lose power and back-up generators were not activated.

Davis said two power lines were downed on Milam Road in north Fayette and Grant Road in south Fayette.

The event of the day turned out to be the amount of rain that swept through the county Sunday. Davis said Lake Horton received 3.91 inches and portions of northeast Fayette received 3.24 inches while north Fayette saw 2.55 inches, Fayetteville recorded 2.56 inches and Peachtree City received 2.1 inches.



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