Tractor Supply Co. picks F’ville for its new location

The landscape at Fayetteville Corners on North Glynn Street in Fayetteville, specifically the old Walmart location, will soon have a new look and a new business. Tractor Supply Co. is establishing its first Fayette County location at the site.

Revised elevations for the business were approved July 22 by the Fayetteville Planning and Zoning Commission.

The project will include 31,000 square feet of store space and 6,900 square feet of exterior sales space with an enclosed fence. Plans call for eliminating 35 parking spaces to accommodate an additional fenced area.

The building’s rehab will include exterior work and a new entrance. The outdoor display area will be fenced with gates installed for pedestrian access.

Tractor Supply operates a Coweta County location off Ga. Highway 34 west of Thomas Crossroads.

The retail chain began in 1939 in North Dakota. The company is now headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn., near Nashville. Its product lines include hardware, home improvement, lawn and garden maintenance, agriculture, livestock, equine and pet care. It has more than 1,300 stores in 48 states.

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New construction @ HWY 85

The new Building Close to Hwy 85 is Family Dollar

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New Building

As Fayetteville continues to slip down to the Old National Hwy and Riverdale style slum area, we get the stores that go with that new look. Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.

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Let's meet at Panera Bread

On Old National or in Riverdale.. You choose. You want other examples?

Things are not near what you imply.

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Whats going in upfront?

What is coming in in that new building right next to 85?

BTW, THANK GOD THE OLD WALMART IS FILED!!! There has been too much vacant retail in that area. This is excellent news.

If we could just get the city of Fayetteville to just stop approving new retail developments when we have so many vacancies...

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Tractor Supply - tikigod

So, do you think the City of Fayetteville should refuse to issue any more commercial building permits and subject the city to lawsuits at the expense of taxpayers?

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I'm not a lawyer

I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know exactly what the ramifications are.

But I do know it is terrible planning to continue issuing building permits for business that moving OUT OF parcels with high levels of vacancy. Look at Verizon and Dollar General for examples.

If it is something winnable, I think it is very much worth it to fight new developments. Fayetteville looks pretty bad going down 85 with so much aging and vacant retail. The future of Fayetteville does not bode well for planning like this.

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Take another ride

Rehab of old shopping areas-full parking lots!

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Double win

A reputable company finally coming into the old Wal-Mart and no more trips to Newnan. Win-win. Thank you to TSC.

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Not exactly the safest of locations....

At 4:15 this afternoon a gentleman in the gym located behind this new building saw someone breaking into his new truck. They stole two rifles, at least one being an assault rifle. A fellow gym member saw it and chased them in his car, but was unable to get the tag number. A lady at this same gym had her car broken into at 6:00 p.m. one day last week. Both times in broad daylight.

Three words for you: Not One Camera.

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Gym parking lots

Right at the top of the list for break ins. If some would use that grey matter muscle for a change and realize who leaves the most stuff (visible or not) in their vehicle, it is the gym crowd. Even the dumb crooks figured that out years ago. After all, just a cruise up Hwy 85 to the promised land anyway.

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