40-day ‘Jesus Feast’ set to begin Aug. 10

“If you gotta start somewhere, why not here? If you gotta start sometime, why not now?”

More than the lyrics of Toby Mac’s popular “City on Our Knees,” these questions appropriately introduce an event which begins next Tuesday.

The Jesus Feast, sponsored by The Emerging Daniel Company, was conceived by two Fayette County business women, Joyce Beverly and Angie Samples. The impetus for the project stemmed from their burden to lift Jesus up in this community and nation.

“It’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong in a community or in the world,” Beverly said. “We’re suggesting a break from that to focus on the One who has the miracle power.

“If there was ever a time for divine revelation, this is it,” Beverly said. “So many people are struggling – individuals, families, businesses, communities. The God we serve says to humble ourselves before Him and He will heal our land.”

Samples reminds us of Peter’s encounter with Jesus walking on water. As long as Peter kept his eyes on Jesus, he could also walk on water. When he allowed the raging storm around them to distract him, he sank.

“It’s easy to forget what we know as Truth and focus on circumstances, like the economy,” Samples said. “For the people who can agree that Jesus is the King of Kings, this is a call to come and rest in Him and experience more of His love.”

The feast invites people to spend 40 days focusing on Jesus beginning Tuesday, Aug. 10 and ending on The Day of Atonement, Saturday, Sept. 18.

Jesus Feast suggests that during the 40 days participants do a few things each day, including:

• Reading one of Jesus’ miracles each day with a friend or small group. Talk about it and pray for revelation. A list of the day-by-day scripture readings may be found on Page A10 of this edition. Tyrone-based Christian radio station J93.3 FM will be reading a miracle each day at 2:40 p.m. beginning Aug. 10 as well.

• Listen to and sing songs that are focused on Jesus.

• Attend an open-air free celebration service at The Villages Amphitheater in Fayetteville on Sept. 18. “Come as you are,” say the announcements for the worship event.

The pair said the emphasis for the 40-day “feast on the Bread of Life” is to focus on the supernatural power and love demonstrated by Jesus in the 40 miracles and then to come together for a community worship event that is centered not on performers, institutions or personalities, but on the person of Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Beverly and Samples said other communities may want to also organize worship services as they feel led to do. To find out more about the Jesus Feast and to keep up with the news as the feast unfolds visit http://jesusfeast.org.

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I guess this is news if this

I guess this is news if this could really be called a paper, what's really distrubing to me is the scary glazed eyes, plastered on expression of rapture, voice in which it's written! WHO wrote this crap? I don't see a credit...I also checked the website there is no doctrine, or church, no real explanation of who these people are, what they believe, or ANY of the vital info required before participating in worship!

"jesus feast" really? AND JESUS SAID..."EAT ME"

“It’s easy to focus on what’s going wrong in a community or in the world,” Beverly said...

again, I have to say REALLY? What's easy about focusing on the overwhelming insanity unfolding in the world now? How about instead of wasting time and money on some worthless show didicated to making sure everyone knows how "full of jesus" you are, you did something to; end war, or hunger, or declinging education, or racism, or hatred, or ANYTHING?

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tygersilver: feast

Obviously they mean for your soul to "feast" on Jesus teachings from the New Testament. Also the group therapy initializes excitement and convinces some of it's glory, which televangelists have ruined for most normal people. Politicians do that every four years also!

I see where Ann Rice, the Vampire series writer who is a multi-millionaire, has divorced herself from "organized Christianity," (Catholic) and will then worship Jesus with the Bible only. She claims they are too critical and bossy about stuff not in the Bible! (She has, I read, a homosexual child).

The group in the ads and articles is affiliated with the "Daniel" group, I think. Their creed is difficult to decipher due to sounding general and gibberishly!

The miracles to be celebrated at the conclave are all 2000 years of age if they occurred at all. No "miracles" have been scientifically proved, ever. They are all on faith, just as is all things not understandable about organized religion.
What "miracles" that do occur, are not claimed by religion, such as: Katrina, BP oil accident, Wars, Moon Landings, numerous earthquakes, plagues, Inquisitions, Crusades, joining and separating of the continents,
rain (but not necessarily when it is prayed for), cancer, heart disease, suicides, life, and death.

God allowed this mess to occur that we have just to see what we would do with it, I think.

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Not sure if this is news...

...maybe it should be in the lifestyle section? Or will all religious-related press releases now go in the News section?

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Jesus "Feast"?

It should probably be advertised in another section, however, Cal's wife is one of the organizers so he is able to use his paper to advertise her events. I guess I don't blame him but I wish these ladies had come up with an event name other than 'Jesus Feast' ... it sounds so, well, cannibalistic. Are they "feasting" on Jesus? Does this refer to eating his flesh, drinking his blood? "Jesus FEST" sounds much more inviting. Not being a Christian myself, I never understood this desire of some to eat Jesus. He seemed like a pretty cool guy.

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Might I suggest that you look at the site: Emerging Daniels

I think that explains all about the columns and ads in the Citizen.

It is about gaining wealth. I have not seen before a group tying religion in with jargon!

Oh well, to each his own!

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Many religious organizations are reaching out to their communities and sharing 'love'. The beauty of this country is we have a choice as to what invitations we accept. It is encouraging that religious communities wish to share. Maybe if we were more involved with the sharing of 'love' rather than the sharing of mistrust, cynicism and/or 'hate' - we'd be in better shape.