County says Parrott has been to water plants; notes incorrect

County officials are clarifying a misrepresentation in recently-released documents that indicated Water System Director Tony Parrott had not visited either of the county's water treatment plants in the past six months.

The documents were incorrect, as Parrott has visited the plants on a variety of occasions in that time frame conducting site visits and conducting tours for county commissioners, members of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division and consultants, according to County Administrator Steve Rapson.

The error was contained in notes taken by the county's human resources department during an interview with Parrott that was conducted by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division following the taste and odor problems with county water that stretched out for several weeks. The notes specifically said that Parrott told EPD that he had not visited the two water treatment plants in six months.

An email from county HR Director Lewis Patterson seeks to clear the air, as he meant to indicate that Parrott said he had not visited the plants on a weekly basis, which had been his practice until about six months prior to the interview. Patterson's email follows:

"I want to try to add some clarity to the notes I made regarding Tony’s plant visits during the EPD interviews. My notes read, 'Parrott has not visited the plants in the last six months as he had weekly in the past. He talks to someone at each plant every other day.' Tony was visiting the plants during the six months prior to his interview with EPD on June 27, 2013, but not on a weekly basis as had been his practice up until about six months before this interview. He was in the two plants during that time, just not as frequently as had been his prior practice. I think to say that he was not in the plants at all for a six month period is an understandable misinterpretation of my notes which I admit could have been more precise on this issue."

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Are the Notes Incorrect... OR ARE YOU GUESSING?

That is the prevailing strategy at the Water System.


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My guess is

He will retire Friday. He can't come back and have any positive relationships after all the employee interviews.

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"Understandable Misinterpretation" ?

Absolutely not! On an issue of such import--when careers may be on the line--it should be imperative to achieve absolute clarity and correctness! Two thumbs down for Patterson!

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Mr. Parrott

I can't believe the guy is still working for the county!!!

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Water Committee note taker

Try to sift thru those. I bet some cross training went on between those 2 note takers.

Good grief!

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And still no meeting minutes

From the Aug 28th meeting

Can't wait to read them.

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My, my. Aren't we being so precise. I like precise.

Precise is good. Wish we could be precise about how we treat our drinking water.

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Another county mistake.

Can't anyone take good notes or produce good meeting minutes?

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