Don’t be a Grinch — Shop in PTC, Fayette

Turning the corner on November means the holiday shopping season is upon us once again. It won’t be long before all the Whos down in Whoville will be clasping hands and singing in the spirit of the season.

After spending about seven months hashing through Peachtree City’s budget this year, I have a new and different perspective on our friend The Grinch. I see him sneaking around, but not with a bag slung over his shoulder. I see him driving a car and heading outside Fayette County to do his shopping.

When we make purchases in Fayette County, sales tax dollars stay in Fayette County. When we make purchases outside Fayette County, our sales tax dollars are lost to that county.

Of the 6 percent sales tax we pay in Fayette, 4 percent goes to the state; 1 percent goes to the Fayette County Board of Education; and 1 percent is divided among jurisdictions with Fayette County. Sales tax revenues are Peachtree City’s second largest revenue source. (Property taxes are the largest.) Sales tax, sometimes called Local Option Sales Tax, or LOST, helps fund all of our core General Fund services.

Sales tax revenues in Peachtree City have dropped significantly with the downturn in the economy. In Fiscal Year 2007, we reaped over $7.16 million. In FY2008, we saw about $6.71 million. When the economy went soft and citizens cut back on purchases in FY2009, Peachtree City’s sales tax revenues dropped to $5.87 million.

Choosing to shop outside Fayette County means Fayette County loses and our neighboring counties profit from our loss – a double Grinch whammy. In 2009, Peachtree City staff asked our auditors to provide LOST figures for a sampling of counties in Georgia.

They calculated an average decline of about 7 percent over one year. However, the decline for Fayette County was over 12 percent, while the decline for Coweta County was just over 2 percent.

Interestingly, Fayette County was 5 percent above the average decline while Coweta County was 5 percent below the average decline. This occurred right about the time the development of the Ashley Park commercial area in Newnan neared completion. One might conclude that Fayette experienced a 5 percent loss of sales tax revenue to Coweta County, and right at the worst possible time. Bad for us, but great for Coweta!

What can Peachtree City citizens do about it? “Find it in Fayette!” says the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce. Choosing to shop in our own county means we are supporting our own, and our neighbors’, businesses. It means supporting Peachtree City by shopping here first. If you can’t find what you need in PTC, then buy it elsewhere within Fayette County.

Will you be hosting out-of-town company when you carve your roast beast this year? Encourage them to stay in Peachtree City hotels! Hotel/motel tax dollars collected in PTC hotels go to our CVB, totaling about $800,000 per year. All of this money is used to promote our city.

Consider hosting your holiday parties at PTC restaurants and patronizing PTC catering establishments, since we also realize 100 percent of the alcoholic beverage taxes, which totaled nearly $700,000 in FY2009.

Finally, watch for upcoming information about “The 43 percent Solution,” a community program highlighting the tremendous impact you have on your own community when you shop locally. Knowing what it means to “Find it in Fayette” and “Shop Peachtree City,” all I can say is, You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch ...

Kim Learnard

City Council Post 3

Peachtree City, Ga.

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shop in Fayette?

Okay, I'll bite. Oh, sure thing I'll shop in Fayette County for the holidays this year. I'll be buying my utilities and groceries here...with the paltry paycheck from the BOE that continues to diminish. Gifts and parties? I've had to reduce the gift budget to match the income reduced by paycuts and health insurance premium hikes, and I will buy those gifts from Overstock with $2.95 shipping. The parties?...nonexistent. Ms. Learnard, get a grip. So you've done your pitch for the Chamber of Commerce...good job.

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Would love to shop in PTC, except

half the stores in town are nothing but empty shells. Why are they empty?
Because they keep on building without filling the existing space first.
Stop the building and fill up the empty slots. Does that make sense?

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Spend Your Money Where it's Appreciated

Most of the other bloggers have explained/expressed our common reasons for not shopping here.

Our current politicians will find a way to fritter away any additional tax money taken in. They will misspend our tax money and ask for more.

Do you feel like our local politicians have respect for you? Do they have your best interest at heart? Do they take your opinions seriously? What happened to the survey we filled out last year for PTC? What about the expensive phone survey we/our tax dollars paid for? What happened to that data? Were our opinions ignored as usual? Are they going to waste our money on another "by pass to nowhere" to help their developer buddies??

If I thought we had honest politicians I would be all for giving them more money.

If I find what I need for my christmas lists here I will buy them, if not ....whatever....

I'm not going to just "make do' with our limited offerings here.

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skyspy & shopping

Want a different attitude? Drive over to McDonough and you'll find it.

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Joined: 11/08/2005
Hey AtHomeGym

I know what you mean. I have friends that live there.

Such is life, there is good and bad with everything.

Have a good week.

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How about stop raising our taxes Mrs. Learnard?

You are killing our purchasing power. Is there any tax you won't raise?

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Shopping in Fayette Co?!?

What is really available to shop for here in Fayette county anyways??? It's hard to find the decent stores except the big box stores and that's about it. Fayette county will not let some of these other stores in, not to mention that any advertising in PTC is rather minimal at best.
I rather shop elsewhere, since it seems like a few other posters have said that the PTC cops seems to have not much else to do but patrol around the 54 and 74 intersection. Crime may be low, but do we seriously need that many speeding ticket writers about?
I'm shopping online instead, less taxes and better shipping rates. I don't have to spend on gas since it will be going up this holiday season. Which will save me money to spend on the high prices on food as well!

movin on
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I for one wont be shopping in

I for one wont be shopping in PTC this season. Nor eating. The police in this city have just simply run everyone away. Yesterday, took another trip up to Lenox area and points north, saw one policeman. Came into PTC saw four! One at the intersecton of the Parkway and 54 doing who knows what, but just sitting there in the median, another on my tailend, and two more in various areas. Is crime really that bad in PTC?? Some will say its the police that keep crime down, perhaps, but a police state also keeps people away. You could cut the PTC police dept by 50% and still have enough to do police work and stop all the nit picking stops etc.

>Consider hosting your holiday parties at PTC restaurants and patronizing PTC catering establishments, since we also realize 100 percent of the alcoholic beverage taxes, which totaled nearly $700,000 in FY2009.<

Really??? So the police in this city can sit in the parking lot and wait for you to come out??

And no I have never had a DUI or any other tickets in PTC......but I, and my family,have been hassled several times. My son, 22, zero tickets, pulled over in PTC 3 times, everywhere else, never.

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Because he is young

I have NEVER seen a city that went after teenagers the way they do in Peachtree City.

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ptc and just dont get it!

I agree with you (movin on) enrollment is dropping fast, too. People who defend this," policed state of living" have consumed the koolaid. They live in a state of fear. You are not the only one MOVIN ON!

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Dont understand your cop mentality

32 years here. 2 kids schooled here, No tickets here. Only people that feel guilty or are doing something wrong are afraid of police cars. Your son must have done something to get pulled over. Did he get a ticket or did they let him go. We dont speed or drink, so we dont have any problems with the police. I for one am glad they are every where, It will keep the crime up at Lenox where the marta riding gangs hang out. So I guess movin on needs to do just that. Dont forget to watch over your shoulder next time you are in Atlanta drinking and shopping. Happy Holidays

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Crime rate is very low..

The police are very visible..what would you prefer they do?

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Go after the real criminals

Go after the real criminals instead of harrassing people because of what street they live on.

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I am concerned with crimes not reported here!

Three homes were robbed in one subdivision here in PTC a few weeks ago and it has not been in police reports or written by the newspapers that I have seen!

I hope I am wrong but if not, let us do the paperwork correctly and not pretend we have less crime.

We don't need anymore Judge non "incidents" in closed sub-divisions!

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