Robbery ‘game’ lands 3 in jail

It may have been called a game, but the act of shoving a shotgun in a victim’s face, demanding his wallet then lying about the circumstances resulted in the Nov. 18 arrest of three Fayette County teenagers.

Arrested Nov. 18 on charges of obstruction were 19-year-old William D. Arthur and 19-year-old Lawrence K. Clayton, Jr., both of unincorporated Fayette County. Also arrested was 18-year-old Cameron D. Martin, of unincorporated Fayette County, on charges of armed robbery by intimidation and obstruction.

Fayette County Sheriff’s spokesman Josh Shelton said the incident occurred in the early evening hours of Nov. 18 at Arthur’s residence on Bunny Lane. Recounting the incident, Shelton said the victim and a friend had been invited to Arthur’s home to play video games. After being in the home for a short time the victim went outside and was confronted by a male wearing a bandana and carrying a shotgun.

The man demanded the victim’s wallet after putting the shotgun in the victim’s face, Shelton said. The victim gave up the wallet and the perpetrator ran into a nearby wooded area, said Shelton.

The friend who had accompanied the victim to play video games also saw the perpetrator, said Shelton. Both got into their vehicle and called 911 as they drove away. They described the armed robber as being a short, stubby light-skinned black male with slurry speech, Shelton said.

Deputies arrived at the Bunny Lane residence and spoke with Arthur, who said he heard something outside and subsequently found the victim’s wallet.

Deputies then questioned Clayton and Martin who were inside the residence. Both men said they had nothing to do with the robbery, though Martin fit the description of the perpetrator, said Shelton, adding that Martin was nervous and shaking and had slurry speech. Questioned further by deputies who asked what was in his pocket, Martin produced a bandana that fit the description of the one worn by the robber.

Meantime, the victim and his friend returned to the residence at the request of deputies at the scene. Martin was subsequently identified as the man with the shotgun, Shelton said.

Shelton said Martin then admitted that he had been lying, adding that the incident was a game. Arthur, too, said he had lied and did not want to get anyone in trouble, Shelton added.

A search of the residence revealed the shotgun in Arthur’s bedroom, Shelton said.

As it turns out, said Shelton, the victim told deputies that he had attended school with all three men.

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robbery game morons

Great "game," guys. I wish the deputies could have simply pounded all three of you upside your heads for a while because you obviously need a tune up. Seems like you're already brain-damaged as it is so I don't see the harm.

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