Fleisch wins PTC mayor's race

Current Peachtree City Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, now the mayor-elect. Photo/Special.

With all votes counted -- Vanessa Fleisch has won the Peachtree City mayor's race 2,282 to 881 over Harold Logsdon in the runoff election.

Fleisch will join newly-elected council members Mike King and Terry Ernst, newly-reelected council member Kim Learnard and holdover councilman Eric Imker.

Fleisch, who took 72 percent of the vote, is expected to be sworn in at the first council meeting in January. She will be the city's first female mayor.

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Heck yea...

Jealous of the airbrushing and the new red hair color. Certainly not "attacking" the person...I'm just saying... Come on... I dare you to google previous pictures and then say honestly that this is not a new make over that is either compliments of the newspaper (word loosely used) or the work of another business.

And for the record, I voted for her! So I hope my vote for was for who I thought she was... this picture just raised some early concern. She will still be a vast improvement (looks and character) over some of her male predecessors.

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Are you kidding me??.

Is this a year book picture or was it just airbrushed? Check out the color of the hair? Come on be real will ya? I hope this false identity isn't a sign of her true fake character ?

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Well, that didn't take long did it? Too soon to bash our new

mayor for anything she has done as mayor-so attack the picture. Are you by any chance a baldy and jealous of that glorious mane of hair? I do think you need to get a life. Like I said many times before; I would never run for office in this town--there are certain people who can do nothing but criticize and I do believe if you gave them the world they would bitch because you didn't put a fence around it. Can't wait to see your latest pic. Go ahead, post it and make sure it is within the last year. Dare ya!

P.S. Hey, Bossie, I think she plucks her eyebrows and has had her teeth straightened. How dare she!!!

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Post your pic and let the comparison's begin.

Otherwise, chill.

Steve Brown
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Well deserved. You ran a good clean race.

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Only because you kept Brown out of it.

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Congratulations To The BHL

Not who I supported but congratulations. I hope and feel certain you will be a big improvement over Donnie Darko. But with only 14% of eligible voters taking the time to vote, your election was certainly no mandate. However, your supporters were more motivated to get to the polls and that is a commendable thing. But regardless who you supported, shame on the 86% of eligible voters who couldn't find 15 minutes yesterday (or in the early voting process) to exercise your constitutional right to vote. Men and women have died to ensure that right and your failure to show up at the polls is inexcusable. As the old saying goes....if you don't vote...don't complain.

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I agree H and F

People should really be ashamed. I can't believe that 86% of the community is too lazy to get out and vote. I'll bet they are the ones who do all the complaining when things don't go right with our government.
Good luck Vanessa, such a nice refreshing change.

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Best of Luck!

Make us proud.

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My wife is one of those apathetic voters. I gave her a hard time about it until she said she was going to vote for Logsdon then I left her alone.

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Harry's voters

Gee, sorry, I was just kidding about voting tomorrow. Guess they missed the humor in my earlier post today.

Has this country ever had a political leader named Vanessa? Could be a trend setter.

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probably not but the name has an interesting pedigree.


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Apathetic citizens

22,385 registered PTC voters. 3,163 came out to vote. That's a whopping 14% of the people. I knew it was going to be a landslide this evening, one way or the other, when I was only voter # 165 at my precinct.

Congrats and well wishes to Vanessa. Hopefully she will demonstrate that she can lead us properly for the next 4 years.

To those that didn't vote, please be ashamed of yourself. For those that voted, please stay active and involved.

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