Fleisch: ‘Why I am running for mayor’

We are fortunate to live in such a generous and caring community like Peachtree City. Each and every day I am surrounded by people in this city who have tremendous talents. The sharing of these talents makes this city the special place that it is.

Peachtree City deserves a mayor who will work to bring all of us together rather than pull us apart. We deserve a mayor who is truly a part of the community and will promote the area and its wonderful people in the positive light that they deserve. This is why I am running for mayor of Peachtree City.

Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to be a member of the Peachtree City Council. The many good things that have been accomplished for the betterment of the city have been marred and overshadowed by the discord that plays out in council meetings.

As a member of the council I have had the privilege to work with many of the people who make this city such a wonderful place to live. We are fortunate to have volunteers who serve on authorities and commissions throughout the city and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

Within the past three years, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Recreation and Special Events Advisory Board were both created. The CVB and the Recreation Board are now working together to help bring revenue to Peachtree City by bringing quality sports tournaments to our city.

Late last year I devised a plan to use our recreational facilities as an economic development tool. In order to do this, I needed to bring together groups from across the city that had not worked together before.

After a year of negotiating and consensus building, we now have the hotels, the recreation department, the CVB, and the recreation and special events advisory board working together to build an economic development tool without investing in additional infrastructure.

The hotels in the community see the potential to their bottom line in filling their hotels with patrons who are tournament participants. We can do tournaments much better because part of the revenues generated by a hotel occupancy tax rate increase will go directly towards the maintenance of our facilities. It is a win-win for the city.

Unfortunately Mayor Don Haddix was the only “no” vote on this effort to bring additional revenue to the city.

Last year our facilities were not “tournament ready.” Fields and other recreational facilities across the city had suffered from neglect. Our recreation department has worked diligently over the past year to get our facilities to the point where we are today.

The hotels have seen this progress and the work that has gone into the facilities. They wrote a letter to the mayor and council stating that they approved of the occupancy tax going from 6 to 8 percent. The hotels are ready and willing to partner with the city to move forward. Mayor Haddix still voted against it.

The framework for the future of economic development in Peachtree City is being established because of the new position that has been created with the Fayette County Development Authority. This position became a reality last year and will be a benefit to the city as we strive to retain and recruit new businesses in the city. The establishment of this position was a direct result of my meeting with the FCDA.

The relationship with Fayette Senior Services has been established, and will flourish once FSS is able to expand in the old Recreation Administration Building. Close to a third of Peachtree City’s citizens are aged 50 and above and the partnership with FSS and the services that they provide are a welcome addition to the city. This relationship was worked on by many people in the past year, including me. The mayor did not take a leadership role in this area.

Unfortunately, Mayor Don Haddix has been a major obstacle to progress in the city. The discord and dysfunction that is associated with this City Council has been a direct result of his lack of vision and leadership.

Peachtree City deserves a mayor who knows how to work with others, placing the city’s best interests first above any petty disagreement. Peachtree City deserves a mayor who is willing to lead. I am that person.

Vanessa Fleisch

Post 4, City Council

Peachtree City, Ga.

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All you do is raise taxes and

All you do is raise taxes and help your developer friends. I think you, Haddix and Kim Learnard ought to think about just leaving quietly and let someone else have a try.


The voters of this city need to vote for a clean slate. Instead of worrying about hotel taxes try worrying about the reputation you people have created for our great city.
Between the great Doctor P and his Chiefs and the multi millions in lawsuits you leaders (I use term loosely) have made a disgrace out of MY city.

Please don’t run for office…just run away!

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A Little Perspective For The Big Hair Lady

Well, no doubt you can't be any worse than the fool currently holding office as mayor but there is an awful lot of revisionist history in your lists of "accomplshments". First of all, while you seem to want to take credit for the creation of the CVB, that process was begun under the Logsden regime prior to your being elected to council. So to take credit for the idea of the CVB is a little disingenous. And sweetie I hate to break it to you but there have been baseball, soccer, lacrosse and other tournaments in PTC for decades. If there is some quantifiable measure that shows where your efforts have increased the number of tournament and/or revenue, we would love to see them. As for the economic developmnt arrangement between the city and FCDA, its a little early in the game to say its a successful arrangement. Time will tell. Economic development requires patience and a steady investment of time and money. Also, it appears the economy is ever so slightly coming out of the recession on its own. So how will you quantify the growth in PTC is a result of this arrangement as opposed to what is happening in the economy naturally? I will agree with you on one thing. You are correct in your observation about the discord and dysfunction between the current council and mayor. But remember, you are part of council and its a fair question to ask have your actions as a council person contributed to the problem? Just saying....

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You may have announced a bit too early

No question we need a new mayor and I'd be happy with you as a mayor, but by announcing early you are going to get the silliness that you see below. And of course everytime you say something at a council meeting hizzoner will diss you and make it political.

Nevertheless, good luck.

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Mrs. Fleisch, apparently you

Mrs. Fleisch, apparently you and Mudcat are of the belief that you can silently run for Mayor and not answer any questions. Mudcat has her own well storied biases. To the extent that you have any friendships or business connections that would influence the average voter, this would also apparently be something that you will not reveal. If you choose this course and to do not respond to basic policy questions there is no way you will have my vote.

Larry Sussberg
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Cogitoergofay - Fleisch

In all fairness to Mrs. Fleisch, this is not the proper place to answer any questions....let's be "real" about that.

Why should she answer questions from people who don't reveal themselves, may not even by PTC residents, and could actually be a politican who posts both ways!!!

I'm sure she and any other candidate will address those questions. At the debates and forums.

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Vanessa Fleisch would be foolish to engage in . . .

. . . dialogue on this blog, just as you said, Larry. Any public official is foolish to do so.

In the first place, unlike you and me, most participants disguise their true identity here. That isn't so bad on its face, but anonymity brings out the worst juvenile behavior in some people, like throwing rocks from behind a bush just to giggle when their target squirms.

A politician posting here answering questions in good faith can expect to be excoriated in bad faith, and the more they respond the worse their torture is likely to become. There is a time and place to seriously respond to citizen questions. This ain't it.

Terry Garlock

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amen brother

I am constantly amazed that those living in the glass house of politics would step into this arena of cheap shots

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.... could be a politican who posts both ways!!! Wow Larry

Here's a chance to make up a new word depending upon what "Ways" one means.

I'll go with transendangered species - that's endangered, not gendered.

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Mrs. Fleisch-- Answer these questions

Mrs. Fleisch-- Answer these questions regarding the allegations of sexual harassment by our Fire Chief:

(1) Have you known about these systemic abuses of females in PTC ?

(2) What are your CURRENT plans, as a councilmember, to get a hold on some many departments that are getting sued and seem out of control ?

I don't expect you to answer. I expect you to run for Mayor and, if elected, to do whatever the staff tells you to do and ignore whatever they tell you to ignore.

Larry Sussberg
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Vanessa - Wow, are we going to get more of the same?


While I am glad to see you decided to run for mayor, are we to expect more of the same? I can't imagine 11 months of "Haddix style" campaigning.

Your accomplishments are impressive, but wouldn't it make more sense to run on your own strengths (which are many) than try to rip Don Haddix apart in your annoucement letter too?

As you stated so well, we deserve a mayor who knows how to work with others, but attacking Haddix out the box just doesn't seem to work.

That's why I want Haddix out! He can't work with a freakin' paper bag let alone city council or staff. Yet you appear to be offering us more of the same style of attacks that he is famous for.

I guess now we wait for Don to fire back! and so goes PTC and Fayette County style politics.

Where are the issues? PTC has a million of them, start with budgeting, throw in a little Fire & Police EEOC complants and required training and end on leadership.

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Well said Larry!

When Vanessa was running before she told everyone at the Rotary debate that she would not annex and was against adding more houses beyond what was in that western village. She lied!

She voted to raise our taxes two times and I'm sick of it. A lot of people are having a tough time. Leave them alone!

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No way honey

All you do is raise taxes and help your developer friends. I think you, Haddix and Kim Learnard ought to think about just leaving quietly and let someone else have a try.

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