Still searching for answers in Aurora?

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The following is only the first half of my “theological reflection and counseling” in response to human-inflicted atrocities. I shared this as my sermon on Sunday, July 22, just two days after the shooting deaths of 12 and the wounding of 58 by a gunman in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, on July 20. This is also a follow-up on the theological reflection I shared after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and other tragedies similar to this most recent one.

The truth stands the same in all these instances. Read More»

Keep your children safe

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A new mother wrote to me wondering what she could do to protect her child from abduction and/or sexual perpetrators. Sadly, many good parents find their children victim to sexual perpetrators regardless of their best efforts. But the good news is that many tragedies that befall families are preventable.  Read More»

German Family History Part II – To America, via Shipwreck

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Having followed the early history of the German Family Bumer, the narrative of Frank Bumer continues:

Youth Age

In Spring 1872 our oldest sister, Karoline, got married to Aston Hutzel of Berg. Sad, however, after eleven months she died, only being sick three days.

In 1874 I finished the Public School and was confirmed by Rev. Heinrick Frank. For two years thereafter I worked with my father in the field. In Winter I attended Night-School; in Summer, Sunday-School, as I always desired to get an education for a School-teacher or like occupation. No women ever taught school in Germany. Read More»

Breaking up is easy

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That’s it! After 15 years, I’ve had enough. The anxiety, the sleepless nights, and the fighting have been going on way too long. It’s time to put an end to all of it. Ask anyone; they’ll say the same thing. Ending a long-term relationship is hard to do, but in my case, I disagree.

It’s gonna be easy, and we’re both looking forward to it. Read More»

One nation under God?

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Someone said there were about 1,500 Marines present for the opening of the recent National Convention of the Marine Corps League in Mobile, Ala. Almost none of them were on active duty, however. Yet, as the Commandant of the Marine Corps has stated, and as Marines have known for decades, “once a Marine, always a Marine.” There are no former or ex-Marines. Read More»

Another side of SPLOST for the thinking citizen

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Imagine yourself down on your luck, homeless and hungry, when someone comes along who gives you one hundred dollars, but with one little catch: your money comes in the form of a certificate that can be used only for buying shoes. Nothing else. You can’t trade it or bargain with it for anything else: it’s got to go for shoes.

Well, that’s about the situation we put ourselves in when we vote for one of these special purpose local option sales taxes called SPLOST. Read More»

Who is your neighbor?

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To my shame, despite living in our home for nearly five years, it has only been in the last few months that I’ve gotten to know our neighbors, Tom and Dody.

While my husband had gotten to know them over the past few years while cutting the front yard, I had always been too busy to meet them.

Well, a few months ago, one early evening in the spring, I was about to go inside and make dinner, but I happened to notice our neighbor’s garage door open and decided to walk over and introduce myself. Read More»

Romney on offense with Paul Ryan

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Governor Mitt Romney’s choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate is one of those decisions that seem obvious — if not inevitable — in retrospect, even though it was by no means obvious to most of us beforehand. Read More»

Romney-Ryan: Real change

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Last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal editorial “Why Not Paul Ryan?” made the case for his selection as the Republican vice-presidential nominee in this statement: “Romney can win a big election over big issues. He’ll lose a small one.”

After Ryan’s serious proposal to restructure Medicare — which virtually everyone knows must be reformed — the response from Democrats was an unserious TV ad, which showed a Ryan look-alike pushing an old woman in a wheelchair over a cliff. Read More»

Reflections on a political race: Foreign affairs issues

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In the recently concluded Third District congressional race I was surprised by a number of things (not the least of which was the result, but that’s a story for another article).

One area that was surprising was the complete lack of questions from the press and public on foreign affairs issues. In the seven months I ran for office I was asked twice about Afghanistan, both times by radio station WKEU in Griffin. Considering what is going on in the world today, it is amazing. Let’s take a look at a few hot button issues around the world. Read More»