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Have you noticed the recent rapid rise in gas prices at the pump? Today I saw prices at some stations above $3.40; are we headed back to the $4.00 a gallon range?

We all hope not, but without a national energy policy we are captive to international speculation and foreign governments. We all know what the problem is and frankly the solution isn’t that difficult. Why do we find ourselves where we are and what does it take to fix it?

Our nation is dependant on foreign oil; much of which comes from countries that don’t like us. These countries are in the Middle East and from our own continent, namely Venezuela.

We have an “energy” department who’s sole purpose is to prevent the country from getting the energy it needs from local sources.

We have numerous regulations that make nuclear energy production extremely difficult to expand.

We have a stated policy by our President that coal should be an energy source exiled to the trash heap of history.

Our government and the pin-headed federal regulators make fracking extremely difficult, even though we have huge deposits of natural gas.

Finally, energy production is dramatically down on federal lands and expansion in the Gulf of Mexico isn’t happening.

And do you think we will ever have drilling in ANWAR? Not on your life if the “powers that be” today have their way.

The bottom line is this, we have the energy resources in America, plus the pipeline from Canada, to be energy independent. The President and Congress won’t allow us to use all of the resources we have; that is borderline criminal.

Even our Congressman, Mr. Westmoreland has voted several times against drilling in ANWAR and against expanding production in the Gulf of Mexico.

When both sides of the aisle are the problem, what do you do?

Citizens have to take action; there are commercials on television that ask you to become an Energy Voter. What should an energy voter look like?

It is someone who takes becoming energy independent seriously, holds their elected officials accountable, and uses their ballot to elect individuals who will work day and night to become energy independent.

What will it take to become energy independent? Defund the EPA and enact reasonable regulations with an Environmental “Solutions” Agency that will work with companies, not against them.

We must open all areas to exploration. We can protect the environment and extract the energy resources we need. Work with our neighbors to the north and start the pipeline now.

Allow new energy sources to be developed by private industry, with NO help from government. When green energy is ready and cost effective, the market will welcome it.

Finally, elect men and women who believe energy independence is not only an economic issue, but also a critical national security issue.

We can be energy independent if we elect statesmen who will lead and act in the interest of our national interests, economy and security.

[Kent Kingsley is a Republican candidate for Congress in the Third Congressional District which includes Fayette and Coweta counties. He is a retired U.S. Army Infantry lieutenant colonel, owns a small real estate company in Lamar County and lives in Milner, between Griffin and Barnesville. He is an advocate for the Fair Tax, balanced budgets and federal term limits. His website is]

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Venezuela is in the same continent as the US? LOL!!!
Kent Kingsley wrote:

Our nation is dependant on foreign oil; much of which comes from countries that don’t like us. These countries are in the Middle East and from our own continent, namely Venezuela.

If you wonder why the not-the-greatest Westmoreland easily beat you and the other guy, look no further to your own letter right here. Get a map or just use Google next time you have no clue about where countries and continents are located. DUH.

Thank God you are not going to represent anyone.

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