Curve on Howard Road to be fixed

A road realignment project designed to straighten a curve on Howard Road in east Coweta to accommodate vehicles traveling at 35 miles per hour was approved Dec. 16 by the Coweta County Commission.

A portion of the road is situated in Senoia while the road section nearest to Ga. Highway 16 is situated in unincorporated Coweta County.

County Director of Transportation and Engineering Tod Handley said Howard Road serves as the primary employee and truck access for the Winpak plant in Senoia. Read More»

PTC liberalizes annexation process

An amendment to Peachtree City’s annexation process that allows elected and appointed officials and the city’s planning department staff to submit annexation proposals at the request of the property owner was approved Dec. 18.

The discussion that led to the Dec. 18 vote began during an Oct. 6 discussion on potential annexations over the next 20 years. Council agreed that city staff should adjust the longstanding two-step process and return with a proposal that would give planning staff additional early input and allow the city to market itself to potential annexation candidates. Read More»

PTC sells 2 roads to developer

The Overlook retail area, the RaceTrac gas station and the Chick-fil-A restaurant may not be quite ready to break ground on Ga. Highway 54 West in Peachtree City, but the Peachtree City Council on Dec. 18 took the development a step closer by legally abandoning two public streets: Line Creek Court and the majority of Line Creek Drive adjacent to the development.

Developer Trinity-Overlook LLC will pay the city the appraised value of $100,000 for the right of way abandonment. Read More»

Fayetteville city workers gather for holiday party

Fayetteville city workers gather for holiday party

It is easy to tell it’s Christmas in Fayetteville. A portion of the city’s staff and elected officials took time out recently to send a Merry Christmas message to Fayetteville residents. Photo/Submitted.

Home design committee appointed by F’ville Mayor Clifton

Fayetteville Mayor Greg Clifton appointed two city councilmen Dec. 18 to serve on a committee that will review changes to architectural guidelines on future Fayetteville homes.

The proposed guidelines would require builders to echo the home’s front details along the sides of the house.

The guidelines caused some disagreement from local builders and residents, leading the council to create a committee to review the changes. Read More»

Peachtree City's convention bureau achieves Benchmark of Excellence Certification

The Georgia Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus (GACVB) is pleased to announce that the Peachtree City Convention & Visitors Bureau has earned the status of Gold Level Benchmark of Excellence GACVB Certification. Read More»

Council abandons Line Creek Court

The Peachtree City Council voted Dec. 18 to abandon Line Creek Court and a majority of Line Creek Drive adjacent to the site of the upcoming Overlook retail development and the RaceTrac gas station on Ga. Highway 54 West. Developer Trinity-Overlook LLC will pay the city the appraised value of $100,000 for the right of way abandonment. Read More»

Senoia OKs $2.5M budget

The Senoia mayor and council approved the budget Dec. 15 for fiscal year 2015. The budget increased from last year’s by 7.82 percent. The 2015 budget’s general fund (the government’s chief operating fund) is $2,538,200, which is $55,900 more than 2014’s budget of $2,482,300.

Part of the increase has to do with the addition of a new police officer–something that Senoia Police Chief Jason Edens Read More»

Tyrone's top cop

Tyrone's top cop

The Tyrone Police Department awarded officer of the year to Jonathan Woodruff, a 27-year-old Air Force veteran who has been with the Tyrone force since May 2013. Woodruff had 66 percent of Tyrone’s DUI arrests this year–18 arrests out of 27–and is No. 3 in traffic stops (with 789 total stops this year). “He’s an extremely good employee,” chief of police Brandon Perkins said of Woodruff. Read More»

Senoia honors employees

Senoia honors employees

From left, Officer of the year Chance Leveilland, Chief of Police Jason Edens, employee of the year Valerie Burns and Senoia Mayor Larry Owens. Senoia Officer Chance Leveillard and Public Safety Clerk Valerie Burns were honored with officer of the year and employee of the year at Senoia's Dec. 15 council meeting. Photo/Bethan Adams. 

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