Letters to the Editor

Raise tobacco tax to cut smoking

This year, the General Assembly has an opportunity to make a difference in the health of Georgia’s citizens. In looking for ways to pay for healthcare and transportation, the idea of raising the tobacco tax has been frequently mentioned by lawmakers. These facts should surprise you:

· For every 10 percent increase in the retail price of a pack of cigarettes, youth smoking rates drop by 6.5 percent and overall cigarette consumption declines by 4 percent.

· Georgia has not increased the tax on cigarettes in 10 years.

· The current average state tobacco tax is $1.54. Read More»

Chiefs’ 21-0 run brings excitement to Fayette

There is nothing like high school sports, the purest form of athletic competition.

We are so blessed in Fayette County with such a great legacy in each sport. Just recently, every one of our girls volleyball teams were in the playoffs.

We are now approaching the apex of a really incredible season with the McIntosh High School boys basketball team. Following the victory against Drew High School, they are now undefeated at 21-0 and have beaten some tough teams.

The basketball team is led by a core group of juniors under the instruction of Head Coach Jason Eisele. Read More»

An alternative to MLK Day proposed

As we once again celebrate a great orator, leader and inspirational figure, we must also realize there’s a correct and equal way to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.

No other holiday is named for just one person. Presidents Day is for all presidents, Memorial Day is for all those who died in wars, Mother’s Day is for all mothers and Veterans Day is for all veterans. All of these holidays are for those regardless of religions, sex or race. (Columbus Day should be renamed Founders Day or Discovery Day and Christmas is a religious holiday). Read More»

School board should try cheaper web solutions

I kept my mouth shut last year when I saw that the Fayette County Board of Education had given a $70,000 job to the wife of the superintendent. Poor guy is just making do with ... what ... 190,000 bucks a year!

Now the board, with its dirt-rich superintendent, has a new scheme to spend $200,000 of the taxpayers’ money on some Internet-based program that does everything but slice bread.

I’ve lost the name of that wonder of all wonders program which BOE claims will do so many things that the county school system just has to have done. Read More»

Volunteer efforts damaged at The Ridge Nature Area

As you may know, Southern Conservation Trust (SCT) is a nonprofit organization committed to conserving our land and natural resources, promoting healthy outdoor recreation and providing environmental education for our community. As a nonprofit, community support and volunteer efforts are what make our nature areas special as well as our community’s quality of life unique. Read More»

Determine to have civil discourse on Common Core

It is an unusual idea nowadays, but deemed worth trying in Fayette County. Having a conversation over social and political lines is an admittedly a difficult proposition in the world we live in today.

Fire chiefs get terminated for expressing religious views in books. Noted personalities are asked not to give commencement speeches because their views are not in line with the university faculty. Democrats and Republicans cannot cordially convey their points to one another. Read More»

PTC has a problem: Few jobs for young

A fundamental reality for a financially healthy city is the recognition jobs are front and center. Another is you must have a proper balance of age demographics.

While other cities are recognizing this fact, Peachtree City is not.

A major indicator of the extent such decline is occurring is school enrollment. Fayette County enrollment is down to 2002 levels. We are losing families with kids. Read More»

Let’s all thank cops on their day, Jan. 9

In light of the recent negativity directed by a few misguided people toward law enforcement nationally, there is an urgent need to show our nation’s law enforcement officers that the vast majority of our citizens appreciate their sacrifices and recognize the difficult and often impossible career they have chosen in public service to us all.

With this in mind, numerous law enforcement associations throughout the United States have joined forces in declaring this Friday, Jan. 9, 2015 as “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.” Read More»

Haddix: Changed annexation rules lead to conflict of interest

It is a new year with a new along with an old issue heating up. In this letter to the editor the new annexation ordinance will be covered. The old issue, which ties into this letter, will be updated in the next letter. More on both these issues can be found on donhaddix.com.

In October Peachtree City Council members asked the annexation ordinance be amended to allow the City Council, Planning Commission and/or city staff to file annexation requests on behalf of a property owner. In December it passed without inclusion of city staff. Read More»

Ross: Fayette Vision not a one-man show

We’d like to amplify/clarify a few points in The Citizen newspaper’s Dec. 31, 2014 article, “Fayette Vision goal: Attract Millennials, emulate TN county.”

Several years ago, key members of a former planning effort, Fayette ‘93, realized the need for updating that successful program; their foresight and initiative combined with broad input from hundreds of local residents, a consulting partner, and 40-member Steering Committee, brought the Fayette Visioning Initiative (FVI) to where it is today. Read More»

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