Cotton subsidies

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We subsidize cotton producers in the USA I suppose to keep them in business. These are the same producers who vote conservative mostly.
Brazil has been upset for some time about that, as it keeps the price of cotton higher.
Brazil is raising tariffs on our shipments to them on 102 items: wheat, cars, boats and chewing gum, which will reduce our production of those items here.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attended a news conference with Brazil's Foreign Minister when the Minister made the announcement.
If the differences aren't negotiated in 30 days, the tariffs will commence.
Cotton trousers now cost 50-60 dollars a pair, retail. shirts 25-75 dollars.

This sort of thing is why we collect income taxes and fees instead of charging tariffs as they leave and enter our country! (as did our founders).
We don't make enough stuff people want in order to be able to add a tariff.
So we will have to keep paying each other by sharing our tax burden. (isn't that socialism?)
1/3 of us work for our governments, 1/3 for the health industry, and the rest pay the bills except for the 10% unemployed.
What an economy!