HUTAREE religious group

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The FBI and Firearm people raided several places in the Midwest yesterday, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, with warrants for suspicion of illegal guns and activity.
Several were arrested.
As is written on their websight, the end of the world as we know it is near and the invisible Satan will have to be fought with swords in order to preserve Christianity.
They have organized (highest rank is RADOK, lowest is GUNNER) and they are recommending depositing your money in the FBHN Bank, Federal Bank of Hell National, at 6.66% interest for five years.
They have a committee called "The Beast Watch" who ranks at 669!

They seem to want to get the anti-christ worst of all, I couldn't detect from information provided if that was one of us or them!

They also have a "Babes" group who shoot big guns. I don't think they are ranked, at least not militarily!

These fellows rank above the mixture of some groups in the TEAS.and most of SC.

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Christian Talibanists

I visited their website just now and if you exchange the words "Christian", "Jesus" and "Christianity" for "Muslim", "Allah" and "Islam", it sounds very much like the tenets of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, however, they probably prefer bikini's on their women instead of burqa's

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Oh Bonkers you make me laugh

"These fellows rank above the mixture of some groups in the TEAS.and most of SC."

Well I would rank them above YOU.. but I am not sure how low that scale really is..

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