Saw ad for a job that's interesting

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"Christian Company," wants "Special People." ( Well, I'm somewhat interested as long as I don't have to attend Chapel)
I am "Special" with a capital S--no more like me!

"At a call center." (Whoops, maybe not so interested)

"Seasonal, Part-Time." (Sounding worse all of the time)

"Must Be Sharp." (I think I am intelligent if that is what "Sharp" means) (Be OK with that).

"caring, Great on the Phone." (Did somebody say phone?) (The bottom just dropped out!)

"Aptitude In Sales." ( I really hate that part.)

But let us recap:
No Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Tom Cruises, Orthodox Russians, or atheists or agnostics.
Most devout Christians are not "Special."
Christians don't really like to irritate people on the phone, do they?
"Seasonal," How seasonal?
"Par-Time," could that be 2-3 hours per week?
"Sales Aptitude," That pretty much does it for me!

Until that last one I would have given it a whirl. I'm not Apt!


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